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Sponsor Meals for Destitute Elders

Sponsor Old age People & Senior Citizens

In all busy, public places like railway stations you will find them –very old and destitute people begging or simply wandering around. Have you spared a thought as to how they survive how do they get food and shelter for the cold nights? Most sleep in pavements and survive on alms, neglected by their family.
If a poor and destitute old person is provided at least one wholesome meal in a day, she has a chance to face the challenges of her hard life. Seruds has conducted surveys around Kurnool and identified many such elders who need help. Most are homeless, or live in huts but do have means to cook. Under this program, with our limited resources, we provide nutritious midday meals to 30 poor old people from slums in Budhavarapeta, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh every day.
Word about this program has spread, and people of Kurnool come forward to celebrate their children’s birthdays, wedding anniversaries or occasions with these destitute old persons by arranging special meals, or distributing stuff like clothes.

How Can You Help?
• A donation of only Rs. 1300 (USD22) will provide nutritious and hot meal to 30 Elders
• You may choose to sponsor mid-day meals for one month, or any amount you desire.
• You can donate clothes, blankets, toiletries, sweaters for distribution
• You can donate food material like rice, dal, vegetables
• Donate meals to poor elderly people on behalf of some one, birthday gift, on the occasion of wedding anniversary, ceremony of some one.
Donate Food for One Elderly Person for One Month is Rs.1500 (US$25)

Cost Break-up for 1 Nutritious Hot Meal for 30 Destitute Elders:

S.No    Purpose of Donation for 30 Elderly Persons         Amount in INR
1 4.5 Kgs of Sona Masoori Rice - Rs.50 225
2 1.5 Kg of Dhal - Rs.80 120
3 1 Kg of Sun Flower Oil - Rs.85 85
4 2 Kgs of Leafy Vegetables, Tomato etc. Rs.60  120
5 Onions, Species, Ingredients - Lumpsum 180
6 Appropriate Cost for Cooking Gas 100
7 Curd / Butter Milk - Rs.5 x 30 150
8 Fruits / Sweet 200
9 Appropriate Cost of Cook - Rs.120 120
  Total Amount 1300

Pls see the Video (1.53 Sec) of Destitute Elderly People Midday Meals program - Click Here

Your Donations are very useful to feed hungry destitute elderly people. Rs.1300 can feed one meals to 30 starving elders. You can donate any number of meals for hungry old age persons.

If you would like to send a cheque donation / online bank transfer- Bank Account Details

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80G Tax Benefits

• Donations are exempted from tax under Sec. 80G of the Income Tax Act.   DONATE NOW
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