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World Religion Day: ‘Humanity Is Our Religion, Charity is Our Prayer’

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World Religion Day

World Religion Day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of January every year (20th of Jan this year). It is largely observed in the US where massive concerts, programs, and gathering is done. If we go back in time, during 1950 it was announced and massively encouraged by Baha’i faith to restore peace and harmony.

It was mainly intended to increase understanding of the different faiths and perspectives of God and prayers. We also want to share something on this occasion of World Religion Day.

World Religion Day: Humanity is Our Religion

The religion we follow is called as humanity and we are privileged to gather all the people of different religions, color, tribe, etc in one category. We all at the individual level may belong to different religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, etc but when it comes to making friends, greeting (strangers), helping needy, all we think about is humanity. Basically, every human being follows the religion of humanity from the heart, say it as a soldier at war whose heart is filled with patriotism or running an NGO whose doors are always open for needy people.

Soldier with kid- humanity

World Religion Day: Charity Is Our Prayer

People tend to offer prayers and recite verses of Bible, Quran etc on the occasion of World Religion Day. We offer prayers by making charities and donations which will be helpful to the destitute people. Not only us, there are many people who make charity and becomes purer than others. All thanks to such people we are able to run orphanages, old age homes, day care centers, etc. As Mother Teresa said, “Helping hands are better than praying lips”.

We all agree that we are very busy and helping others can become very challenging for us. Don’t worry, a simple online donation takes just a few minutes. So, take your phone or open your computer, visit www.serudsindia.org, select the category of donations you want to proceed with and make this world a better place for all (regardless of religion).


Stay safe, be happy and keep donating. Happy World Religion Day.

Tax Benefits of Making Charities and Donations

Good deeds always get appreciated. Even government authorities showcase a sweet gesture of allowing tax benefits of making charities and donations. This is to encourage people for making donations but the details of the tax benefits are still unclear among the people. In this blog, we will explain the scenario in which the tax benefits are allowed, the US tax benefits 501(c)(3) and tax exemption in India under section 80G.

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Let's Build Heaven On Earth

“Do good deeds son, God will put you in heaven” Said Christian mother to her son.

“Do good deeds son, Allah will put you in heaven” Said Muslim mother to her son.

“Do good deeds son, Bhagwan will put you in heaven” Said Hindu mother to her son.

It’s true that no matter what religion and culture you belong to, no matter which country you are from, we all know what heaven is and how we will reach there (after dying).

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Feed Hungry People Not the Dustbins

Let us tell you one thing you are really blessed, because not everyone are as lucky as you to have food on time. When we are praying to god for a new car, house, favorite bike etc, there are people who prays for proper food. In this blog we will share few shocking facts and stats about hunger and why it is important to consider charities and donations to feed hungry people.

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New Year Resolution That Can Change The World

Another year, another opportunities and another chance to be a better self. I guess you all made a New Year Resolution not expressively but deep down to yourself, ‘yes, let’s do it this year or I shall not repeat it this year.

It’s good to have a New Year resolution, even better when you implement it.

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Earn Something That Money Can’t Buy

We always strive hard to earn more and more and increase our wealth as much as possible. We also agree that without money we cannot survive. Money have a great importance in our life when it comes to survival. It is true that money can buy you all the material things and the temporary satisfaction we derive from it. But when you die you leave everything behind.

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5 Celebrity Charity Work That Will Shock You

There are celebrities who understand the responsibility of the status they hold in the society. They showcases their human side by donating millions of rupees for various causes. They inspire people for the charity work and encourage them to think about the welfare of the society. We always hear about their movies and awards but the charity work by these celebrities is worth reading. We bet these Hollywood celebrity charity work will amaze you.

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Where is God

Disclaimer: This blog is entirely based on a Short film ‘Eating Twinkies with god’ by Meir Kay.

Hello readers!!! We are writing this blog to share a mind blowing short film we have seen recently. Even though the duration of which was around 2 minutes but the lesson we get to learn is probably the biggest life-lesson. Also it gives the answer to the biggest question of all time ‘Where is God?’ in the most innocent and beautiful way.

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Aged People

Life’s a circle, you come back from where you started your journey. A child craving for sweet and chocolates are same as a 60+ man wanting to eat one (but can’t due to diabetes). Similarly, there are plenty of reasons why life is harder than we think for old-age people.

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