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Charity Work By Cristiano Ronaldo Will Make You His Fan (for sure)

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Charity Work By Cristiano Ronaldo Will Make You His Fan (for sure)

Charity Work By Cristiano Ronaldo Will Make You His Fan (for sure)

Charity work by Cristiano Ronaldo is more impactful than his strike. Not only the most loved football player has a golden boot, even his heart has the Midas touch of gold. In this Blog: Let’s learn about the Christiano Ronaldo’s Charity Deeds which will make you his fan for sure.

If you follow social media, we can see a huge number of posts that talks about his social work and we are quite sure that you might have encountered at least one for sure.

The whole world respect Cristiano Ronaldo for his Charity work- Social media post

We recently came across this post about Ronaldo’s Charity and decided that we shall publish an article showcasing his heart melting charitable deeds.

Read Full List of Charity Work by Cristiano Ronaldo

The Real Madrid superstar has an endless list of charity work. So let’s get started:

1. As per ESPN, Ronaldo auctioned one of his prestigious trophy in 2013 for 600,000 Euros and donated the entire amount to Make a Wish Foundation as a charity.

2. He is listed on top in 2015’s list of most Charitable  Sports Celebrities around the world (Source).

3. Ronaldo was asked to donate his Jersey or Shoes to raise 60,000 Euros for a 10-month-old infant suffering from brain disease. Ronaldo paid all the hospital bills by himself and gifted his jersey and shoes to the toddler.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Charity for 10 Yr old

4. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Charity work also includes his donation of 165000 USD to build a cancer centre, 1.5 million for the construction and rehabilitation of the schools in Gaza, Palestine and frequent contributions for various causes and needs.

5. A video of Cristiano Ronaldo went viral in which he gave his shirt to the fan whose nose got broken with the ball.

6. When Nepal had an earthquake in 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo donated a whopping 5 million Dollars for them. Ronaldo made a huge charity for the orphans in Syria and the image of the kids thanking Ronaldo went viral (scroll up to view the pic).

7. Everyone is aware of the fact is Ronaldo is strictly against having a tattoo since he frequently donates blood.  Reportedly

If you are still searching for the motivation to make a charity, there is no better person than Cristiano Ronaldo. His Charity work is a benchmark for everyone to become a better person. Start your Charity work now.

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