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The Day When Humanity Won

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The Day When Humanity Won

Ever thought your one decision can change someone’s life. We generally come across many such opportunities but we mostly intend to ignore it or we never really go out of our way to help someone. Such opportunities are basically a question, Is Humanity Still Alive?

This is a real incident which was experienced by us few days ago. Details like names and location has been changed/hidden due to the sensitivity of the incident.


Around a week back, we were travelling and stopped at a cafe to have tea. Just then we saw a boy of 12-13 years old running like hell from our side, behind him an old man with an intention to catch him but obviously he couldn’t. We went out to figure out what’s happening.
Just then a young man in his early 20’s came forward and asked “What’s the matter?” Old man pointed his finger towards at handicapped girl who was begging on roadside and said, “That boy snatched all her money and is running away”.

Without wasting any minute he ran behind the boy throwing his bag and everything he was carrying. The boy went into narrow lanes to avoid pursuit but he managed to chase him down and was about to catch him. Just then the boy threw the pouch (that had money) on the ground and ran away. The young man took the pouch and returned money to the girl. She wiped her tears and gave him an unforgettable smile. He collected his bag and other belonging from that old man.

Everyone around there, including us were really happy, as if he brought our money back. We approached him, asking about the incident, when he shared all this. We had few other questions but the young fellow was in a hurry and he boarded his bus.

The young man left a great impact on many of the people present over there. Never be hesitated to help someone and be always ready to push your limits to serve humanity. The old man who attempted to help also teaches us a very important lesson. Never think that you are incapable of helping someone.

But we are really happy to experience the day when humanity won.

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