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Where is God?- The Question Of Millennium

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Where is God?- The Question Of Millennium

Where is God

Disclaimer: This blog is entirely based on a Short film ‘Eating Twinkies with god’ by Meir Kay.

Hello readers!!! We are writing this blog to share a mind blowing short film we have seen recently. Even though the duration of which was around 2 minutes but the lesson we get to learn is probably the biggest life-lesson. Also it gives the answer to the biggest question of all time ‘Where is God?’ in the most innocent and beautiful way.

It starts with a young boy around 6-7 year old stuffing his bag with food packets, snacks and juices.

His mom enters the room and asks, “Where are you off to?”

He replies “I am going to find God”

His mom with an enthusiastic smile says, ‘I see, come back by 6 for dinner

The boy walks out hurriedly, boards a train and gets down at some station, continues his walk with the same energy until he reaches a bench.

There’s a homeless lady seated on the other side of the bench, carrying her clothes and other stuff. The boy takes out one of the food item from his bag and starts unwrapping it. The lady looks at the boy with a confusion, the boy turns towards the lady and offers food to her and she smiles and accepts it delightfully. They both spends some time together laughing, sharing the other food items he brought. After a while, he looks at the time, it was his time to leave for dinner. He gives a warm hug to the lady and leaves.

Smiling Woman

 A still from ‘Eating Twinkies with God’

On reaching home, his mom asks, ‘So dear, did you find God?’

‘Oh Yes mom, God is a woman and she has the most beautiful smile’ he replies. Meantime the old lady with a biggest smile on her face reaches her mate who was sitting on roadside. Her mate asks, ‘What happened, you seems to be in such a good mood?’

‘I met God today, we ate snacks together. He is much younger than I expected’ She replies.

Now, the ultimate lesson we get to learn from this story is, God is within every human being and the one who brings smile on others face, helps them is a God.

If people understand the value of helping each other, there won’t be any person dying with hunger.


Let’s try to reach God in this manner, let’s try to make happy as many people as we can. As a NGO, our ultimate agenda is to make a world a better place for all the poor and needy people.

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