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Life Is Harder For ‘Old-Age’ People

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Life Is Harder For ‘Old-Age’ People

Life’s a circle, you come back from where you started your journey. A child craving for sweet and chocolates are same as a 60+ man wanting to eat one (but can’t due to diabetes). Similarly, there are plenty of reasons why life is harder than we think for old-age people.

Do you know answer to these questions?

What they need?

What they hate?

What hurt them most?

What they like?

What makes them happiest?

What they deserve?

We’ll get back to the answers, Let’s try to understand their psychological status.

“The daily living skills most affected by aging and chronic illnesses or disabilities include self-care activities that most people learn in early childhood and tend to take for granted as they mature. These include basic survival tasks such as dressing, bathing, grooming, using the toilet, moving in and out of bed or a chair, and eating”

–  heathaging.org

Colin Miller


They also include activities for maintaining an independent life such as cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, shopping, handling money, writing checks, driving, using public transportation, and using the telephone.

The odds are against them, say it as technology or lifestyle, which makes their life even harder.

How can we help them? So the answers to the questions are here.


What they need? Love, care and support

What they hate? Sympathy

What hurt them most? Being ignored

What they like most? Listening to them.

What makes them happy? Spending time with Family

What they deserve? Respect

At seruds old age homes, we aim to provide the best of care to the elderly people in the home. We seek to enhance the quality of health, self sufficiency in each and every individual and ensure a homely atmosphere.

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