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The Limitless Power Of Belief

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The Limitless Power Of Belief


We all are capable of doing much more than what we think. We usually limit ourselves with certain boundaries and never even attempt to cross it. We are sharing a small story we heard in a motivational talk which was about how the power of ‘belief’ can push you to do something which is beyond your expectations.

There were two friends Vicky and Sohan, from same school and same neighborhood. They often spent time together playing games, completing homework, etc. They were teased with a nickname ‘Tom and Jerry’ based on their appearances as Vicky was tall and fat and Sohan was lean and short.

One day they were walking back to home from school and took another route which was bit longer, just for fun. It was already 2 hours delay in their usual return time and their parents were worried. Then they finally saw them coming, with their clothes dipped in mud and dust. They rushed towards the kids and asked “What happened? Is everything okay?”

Vicky said, “I was fallen into a pot hole and there was no one around for help”

“Then how did you came out?” his mom asked.

“Sohan pulled me out” Vicky replied and everyone were astonished for 2 minutes.

 “Stop lying, Sohan can’t pull you, he cannot lift even 10 kg and you are more than 40” said Sohan’s Mom

“Yes these kids are becoming naughty day by day and lying became their daily habit”, added Vicky’s mom.

They further scolded “You two, go and get yourself clean and don’t repeat this from now”.

Sohan went to his grandpa and asked, “No one’s believing us grandpa, I know even you won’t believe us, but we are not lying. Even I didn’t know how I lifted him”

Grandpa smiled, “Yes I know you are not lying, you have lifted Vicky to help him get out of that hole and do you know how you did that?”  

Sohan nodded his head, no.

“Because that time, there was no one around you to say that you cannot do that” Grandpa replied, “You did that because you believed that you can do that”.

Now it gives us one of life’s biggest lesson. We all limited by the boundaries or benchmarks created by self or others. Also restricting ourselves from crossing it. It’s all in our mind. We all are created the same way. We all are capable of doing what we consider as ‘Impossible’ for us.

So the bottom-line is,

Let us push our limits using the power of belief and help as many as possible. The world’s greatest satisfaction is achieved only by helping a needy.

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