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Understanding The Perspective Of Golden Ager: Donation to Old Age Homes

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Understanding The Perspective Of Golden Ager: Donation to Old Age Homes

In this blog: Let’s understand how the thought process of a golden ager goes. How they look upon the things that happen around them and the necessity of donation to Old Age Homes in countries like India.

Ever thought how life is for the old age people? Ever imagined how life will be when you’ll grow old?

Imagine a life where you are no longer the authority in command (at home). You are totally dependent upon your children for basic necessities and yes, you are not as important to everyone as you were.

This may be hypothetical at times but this is the perspective of old age people towards life.

Donation to Old Age Homes

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They think that they are being ignored, they are capable of nothing and hence they start getting irritated on simple things or they just keep quiet with all these imagination in mind that puzzles everyone around them.

Even at home, we have our parents, Grandparents (well you are really lucky if you have) who acts completely unusual sometimes and we are like “why these people get irritated so early” and we sometimes shout back on them.

But many times we fail to understand that the world has changed for them. The technology, culture, and things are completely different.

Now we have Paytm, which makes the cashless transaction easy. There are old age people standing in ATM line not knowing how this coming-age technology works. This makes life even harder for them.

Old Age Homes_ Alone

On one hand, they have these new world deal with, they have a weaker self to take care of. We get irritated if a viral fever lasts for 4-5 days but with age, comes a lot of medical complications that is very hard to deal with (both physically and mentally).

Sad to say but many parents are abandoned by their children and left alone..

At Seruds we understand the golden ager and their needs and wants better than anyone else and hence strive hard to make their last innings of life the most memorable one.


Let’s make a donation to the old age homes and become a helping hand in the society. Make their lives better and earn happiness for yourself.

Sponsor an elder (starts at 25k for the whole year) or make a donation to old age homes. Click here

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